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Culture” Meaning what?!

We mean the development—even the enlightenment-of higher functions of the intellect, spirit, artistic ability, social adroitness, physical prowess and beauty, etc. that may be achieved through consuming coffee. We mean any of the coffee-related, coffee-inspired, coffee-induced artifacts and documents found in this section. We hope you enjoy. Happy quaffing and happy discoveries!

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We currently are looking to staff two positions at our Tumwater Office Location:

Customer Service & Sales Support
Love coffee, people and keeping organized? Willing to jump in and get 'er done? We are looking for the right person with demonstrated success in sales and customer support. Click here to apply.

Distribution Sales Specialist –– Coffee
We are looking for the right sales candidate with experience selling to or working with grocery distributors and brokers. Click here to apply.

Coffee Factoids

The LD-50 (lethal dose) of caffeine is generally 10 grams. That’s about 100 cups of strong coffee in rapid succession. Not to worry. Well, er, most of us.

French author Honoré de Balzac advised the eating, on an empty stomach, of spoons full of powdered coffee. Balzac wrote over 80 novels. He always wrote standing up.

Coffee originated in the area of Ethiopia next to the Rift Valley, the area of human origin! Go figure! Co-evolution?

“Coffee Bliss!” There’s a word for this exalted state. It’s in Arabic, the language of the first coffee drinkers. The word is “Marqaha.”

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