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Culture” Meaning what?!

We mean the development—even the enlightenment-of higher functions of the intellect, spirit, artistic ability, social adroitness, physical prowess and beauty, etc. that may be achieved through consuming coffee. We mean any of the coffee-related, coffee-inspired, coffee-induced artifacts and documents found in this section. We hope you enjoy. Happy quaffing and happy discoveries!

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Job Opportunities

Administrative Office in Olympia, WA:
Now seeking another enthusiastic Raven to join our Sales Team! We need an Inside Sales & Customer Support specialist to assist in sales and related administrative tasks as needed – including order entry, invoicing, sales promotions, customer retention, and accounts receivable. The successful candidate will manage a specific group of major accounts and drive sales within this group. Please review the full job description prior to applying to make sure you meet the desired requirements for the position. Download job description.

To Apply: Email your resume and cover letter as an attachment to the address below. In your cover letter, please include how your skills relate to this position and what you love about coffee. No phone calls please. Email: Community@RavensBrew.com

Ketchikan Roasting Facility:
Seasonal Production Assistant needed to join our crew! Will work in all aspects of Production, including coffee filling, bag preparation, order packing & shipping, deliveries, warehouse maintenance, cleaning and other duties as assigned. To apply, please complete the application and submit via email/fax or drop off in person at the roastery. Download application. Download job description.

To Submit Application
Email: Community@RavensBrew.com
Fax: 360-570-9145
Or deliver in person to the Ketchikan Roastery: 157-C Eichner Ave, Ketchikan, AK 99901

Coffee Factoids

The LD-50 (lethal dose) of caffeine is generally 10 grams. That’s about 100 cups of strong coffee in rapid succession. Not to worry. Well, er, most of us.

French author Honoré de Balzac advised the eating, on an empty stomach, of spoons full of powdered coffee. Balzac wrote over 80 novels. He always wrote standing up.

Coffee originated in the area of Ethiopia next to the Rift Valley, the area of human origin! Go figure! Co-evolution?

“Coffee Bliss!” There’s a word for this exalted state. It’s in Arabic, the language of the first coffee drinkers. The word is “Marqaha.”

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