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Vivid Velvet Coffee

Treat yourself to the exceptional terroir of Mount Kenya and the cultivation methods of the local coffee maestros in a cup quite distinct from our signature offerings. This Kiangoi AA is sustainably farmed on the southern volcanic slopes of Mount Kenya between 5,700 and 6,100 feet by the Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society. The coffee is wet-processed with clean river water then sun-dried before finishing at a dry mill.

Vivid Velvet is the name we’ve given this Limited Edition for its outstanding flavor notes and elegance. Bold and juicy with complex grapefruit top notes, followed by bing cherry and brown sugar with a touch of vanilla bean. Silky body with a clean finish in a medium roast. Unforgettable.

10oz bag of Vivid Velvet with Information Card 10 oz Bag with information card.
Very limited availability.

Whole Bean Only


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