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Deimar Losada, Colombian Microlot Limited Edition Coffee

Deimar Losada, Colombian Microlot

This is a coffee with brightness that drifts across the palate like a cool morning breeze on a warm tropical morning carrying notes of chocolate, berries, and brown sugar with a buttery body. Light roast.

This microlot was grown by Deimar Losada, whose farm is located in the Huila department in Colombia. He is a member of the ASPROTimana growers association which was formed in 2001 by a group of 32 growers who were interested in more stable marketing channels and to improve the economic situation for the families in the area by exporting high-quality coffee. The association has a Q-certified cupper on staff to help growers continue to improve their coffee quality. Now, there are about 100 members of ASPROTimana, 30 of whom are female.


10 oz Bag with information card.
Very limited availability.

Whole Bean Only


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