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Organic Valentine’s Elixir™ and our Valentine’s Sweet Set
are available through February 14 only

Valentines Elixir is available now through Feb. 14
RBC bag

Valentine’s Elixir

This divine libation is characterized by notes of chocolate and hazelnuts in a dark roast.

12 oz, packaged in the red Raven's Brew bag and accompanied by a card with the poem Pour Amour (pictured above) – and lots of deep sensuous love.

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Valentines Sweet Set

We think of our Valentine’s Sweet Set as a Valentine raised to the 3rd power. A multi‑dimensional sensory experience composed of 12 ounces of Organic Valentine’s Elixir (notes of chocolate and hazelnuts in a Dark Roast) with two 2.8 ounce Alaska Moka Bars (dark Theobroma Chocolate ecstatically enhanced with Raven's Brew Coffee) and a card with the Pour Amour poem (pictured at the top of the page). All lovingly wrapped in a Raven’s Brew shopping tote.

Pour the Amour!™

Organic Valentine’s Elixir is packaged in the red 12 oz. Raven's Brew bag
Valentines Sweet Set $16.95

El Salvador San Emilio Limited Edition Coffee
Map of Honduras

San Emilio Estate lies in the Cordillera del Balsamo region of El Salvador. Grown in rich volcanic soil at an altitude of 3,445 - 4,525 ft, this pulped natural coffee is Coffee & Farmer Equity Practices and Common Code for the Coffee Community certified.

The coffee has been processed by removing the cherry from the bean using a machine called a pulper. After pulping, with some of the remaining fruit still attached to the beans, the coffee is laid out to dry on a patio for three days followed by some time in mechanical dryers to finish the drying process.

Pulped natural coffees allow some of the fruit of the cherry to come through in the cup while producing a cleaner profile than fully naturally processed coffees.

San Emilio is a perfectly balanced coffee with a silky body, toffee sweetness and an exceptionally clean finish in a medium roast.

10oz bag of El Salvador San Emilio with Information Card 10 oz Bag with information card.
Very limited availability.

Whole Bean Only


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