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Espresso Chocolón™

In the spirit of our 25th Anniversary, we have invited a few our most favorite
coffees from past years to step into the spotlight with Limited Release
offerings for 2017. First up is the much beloved, Espresso Chocolón™!

The miraculous coffees of Chocolón are shade grown high in the forests of the state of Nayarit in Mexico, within the confines of an Ecological Reserve and migratory bird flyway, and are cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Available in 10oz Whole Bean special bags for a limited time only

Espresso Chocolón™
South American Origins
A ripe, fruity sweetness, resonant depth, heavy body, and dreamy finish. Dark Roast.

10 oz Bag

Brouhaha™ 25th Anniversary Coffee Blend

Feeling small? Drink this! Raven’s Brew Coffee® is turning 25! Welcome to the Unbirthday party more buoyant than any other. Brouhaha™ coffee is a sublime blend of beans from South American and Indian origins, roasted to an eye opening Dark Roast. A perfect party starter as an Americano or Espresso.

Notes of dark bittersweet chocolate and hazelnuts with a sweet bite.
A powerful punch of a cup – after all, you only turn 25 once! Grab a bag now
and get a complimentary description card with tasting notes.

The Party that Keeps on Going – Since 1992


Brouhaha Blend Bag Brouhaha™ Blend
South American and Indian Origins
Notes of dark bittersweet chocolate and hazelnuts with a sweet bite. Dark Roast.

11 oz Bag

For a 5 lb bag
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