Malinal Estates Photo Tour

Click here for more Ray Troll art
Ray Troll created the illustrations for the label art on our main-line coffees. Click here to see more of his work.

Click here for John Strayley's website
The Shamus Award winning author, John Straley, wrote the Deadman's Reach murder mystery. Check out his books and learn more about John here.

Click here to go to the Facebook page for The Point in Ketchikan
The Point serves food, art and Raven's Brew in Ketchikan, Alaska. Click here for their cafe Facebook page.

Click here for the latest news at the Soho Coho
The Soho Coho is owned and operated by Michelle and Ray Troll in Ketchikan, Alaska. They carry all things embellished by Ray Troll including bags of Raven's Brew Coffee and Raven's Brew accoutrements. Click here for their Facebook page.

Bird On A Wire
A cafe in West Seattle powered by
Raven's Brew.

Support Coffee Kids
Coffee Kids is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for children and families in coffee growing communities.

green power
Green Power
Raven's Brew Coffee is purchasing enough renewable energy to green 100% of the electricity used to power our Tumwater Roasting facility. To learn more click here.

The Deadman's Reach website
Deadman's Reach has its own website – check out the latest articles, buy coffee and submit your own stories. Click here for the site.

Check out Karen Lybrand's artwork
Karen Lybrand created the illustration for our Alaska Moka Bar and together with Ray Troll created our Santa Caws™ label art. She was also the font-trix for most of the lettering in our labels, as well as having created the Deadman's Reach map and compass rose. Click here for more of her work.

Lezli Morgan artwork link
Lezli Morgan does the illustrations for our limited run coffees. Click here to see more of her work.

Phoebe Blume
Phoebe Blume is Ecotopia's muse-extraordinaire as she croons her encomium to the cup that gets her up. Click to hear this paean to her libation of consciousness. Listen to more of her work here.

link to the Devil's cup
A Traveler's account
of how a plant from Africa changed the course of history. From Soho Press by Stewart Lee Allen, available at Amazon.

Link to Malinal Estates Coffee
One of our favorite green coffee sources

Too Much Coffee Man, one of our favorite coffee humorists...
Too Much Coffee Man gif animation

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