Certified Organic Coffees and DeCaf Coffees
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Our air-roasted Certified Organic Coffees are comprised of unique Raven's Brew proprietary blends. Our roasteries are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture. Our decafs are both water process decafs.

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Organic Bruin Blend Bag Organic Bruin Blend®
Indonesian and South American origins
Certified Organic version of our decadently luxurious and laid-back deep pool of coffee ponderance. Low to medium acidity, full bodied, with earthy, nutty notes. Full City Roast.
12 oz Bag

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Organic Deadman's Reach Bag Organic Deadman's Reach®
South American origins
Certified organic version of the same "high-speed coffee with a sweet bite." Full bodied with essence of dark chocolate and fruit. Dark Roast.
12 oz Bag

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Organic Dharma Beans Bag Organic Dharma Beans®
South and Central American origins
Elegant. Silky body with notes of caramel and pecans. Light, clean acidity carries this cup of sweet mystique and delight. Medium Roast.

12 oz Bag

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Organic Ebony Pearls Bag

Organic Ebony Pearls™ French Roast
Single origin: Honduras
This Certified Organic French Roast is also certified smoky onyx ecstasy. Startlingly clean finish and unblemished aftertaste. French Roast (our darkest roast).
12 oz Bag

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House Blend Bag Organic Raven's Brew House Blend
South American, African and Indonesian origins
Our rapturous house recipe yields complex shades of chocolate with a sweet-fruity depth which gives way to subtle, spicy nuances. Dark Roast.
12 oz Bag

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Organic Three Peckered Billy Goat Bag Organic Three Peckered Billy Goat®
African, Indonesian and South American origins
Got Goat? Get it! Our professional espresso blend is composed of some very rare selections. Velvety mouthfeel, uncanny high notes of fruity sweetness on top of dry-chocolaty-like flavor base. Long, sweet finish. Dark Roast.
12 oz Bag

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Wicked Wolf Bag Organic Wicked Wolf®
South American and African origins
An intense, rich and spicy brew designed especially to accompany the devouring of chocolate and other sublime desserts. Dark Roast.
12 oz Bag

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Water Process Decafs

User friendly and planet-friendly Swiss Water® processes use no solvent chemicals. A rich delicious cup. You will be amazed that it's Decaf

Organic House DeCaf Decaf Organic Raven's Brew House Blend
Toffee-like flavors form a base to higher notes of lemon flower. With a light silky mouthfeel and sweet acidity, this coffee has a clean, crisp, light finish. Medium Roast.
12 oz Bag

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Skookum DeCaf Bag Decaf Skookum® Blend
A blend as big, bold and natural as the Great Northwest. Robust, balanced in its acidity with medium body, spicy notes and rich earthiness. Full City Roast.
12 oz Bag

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How did you discover Raven’s Brew?

“My name is R., I am currently residing in San Diego, California while my husband is based in Lemoore. We are avid coffee lovers and try to find the best coffee where ever we go in our adventures when we get to be together.
    “My story begins around 10 years ago when I worked for a small cruise line.  The company is based out of Seattle and did cruises in Southeast Alaska, exploring places like Glacier Bay National park as well as visiting Ketchikan, Haines, Skagway, Sitka, and Juneau. It was during this time that I first tried your coffee in a little gift shop I'd like to say in Sitka but it could have been Juneau the location isn't what I remember...it's your coffee.  It was so good that I bought two shirts and a pound of your Dead Mans Reach and sent that and the matching shirt to my father in Colorado. I remember asking where I could get more and was informed that Alaska was the only place that sold it. Years have passed and my husband is currently in Anchorage on  a det with his squadron, and Ravens Brew coffee was one of the first things I asked him to look for...now mind you I have not been to Alaska or had your coffee in 10 years but it left such a lasting impression that it was one of the first things I told him to seek out.  I am pleasantly surprised at how much you have grown and look forward to the bags of coffee he will be bringing me... because coffee is love in our house. Thank you for making it easier to get up in the morning and for tasting so damn good!”
—R. McCray, San Diego, California

“We discovered Raven's Brew at small Book Store, gift shop in Seward, AK, in 2004. We spent the summer in Seward and after five months there we had tried most of the coffees and sent some to all our family and friends.”
—J. Anderson, Vancouver, Washinton

“I was visiting my brother in The Dalles, OR and found Deadman's Reach at a market in Hood River. I loved the story and the package. The coffee sounded great. I have a roommate who loves good dark roast so I bought some for him and took it back to Eureka Springs, AR. I love the rich, layered flavor and body. We've been grinding the beans and making the coffee in our espresso machine. Yummo. I came to this web site to order more!”
—D. Hennington, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

“Greetings, Yesterday I shopped at WFM. An employee there, inquired if I needed help - I told them I was looking for Raven's Brew. She had not heard of your brand. She kept asking me questions about it - I surmised she must be a buyer for coffee and tea. She asked me what was my favorite - it's (Dharma Blend Medium Roast), and then gave me a sample of another brand to try. Today, I am drinking the sample and it's honestly not impressive. The employee wants me to get back to her for an evaluation of the sample, and she'll hear what you have just read. However, I am wondering of the possibility that WFM will start carrying RB? Just thought you'd might like to know I caught the ear of someone who seems to be in a position to influence that decision. In addition, thank you for a stunning coffee. The Natural Grocers in Overland Park KS is where I obtain mine - a relative newcommer up against giant WFM. Coffee is my only indulgence and RB rates right up there with Jamacian Blue Mountian and Kona - the more elegant coffees - but without the rocket-high price.”
—J. Luongo, Lees Summit, Missouri

“My business took me to the AK panhandle. It is best for the locals if you come up in the fall and winter as there are less people on vacation. I always stay at The Fox Lodge in Ketchikan and they only serve Raven's Brew. I believe in servicing the local business and families so it was a natural fit for me to become dedicated to Raven's Brew. It is now the only coffee I drink and I have a 3 month delivery on automatic. While in Ketchikan I would visit a local T-Shirt shop. When I was there representatives from Raven's Brew came into the store. I had the pleasure to meet them and we talked about T-Shirt designs for women. I suggested a tank with a small logo on the front left side and artwork on the back. Women like tanks and shirts that are a bit more fitted. I would proudly wear each one that is dedicated to the different brews. We also talked about the great AK artist, Ray Troll. It was such a fun experience. (I am still waiting on those tanks, btw).”
—L. Lauderback, Tacoma, Washinton

“I have been drinking other name brand coffee for a while now and decided after getting stomach aches and learning I was gluten intolerant, that I needed to try something organic. I went to Chucks produce and looked at their selection. I was leery but tried to find a medium roast as I was picking one with out trying it first. Let me tell you I was so glad I did! I picked Dharma Beans medium roast and have never gone back to any other coffee since. If I am out I make sure to make some ahead of time, it is that good. I am not even temped to buy coffee out because it doesn't offer the same experience. I ran out one time and had to go to an organic coffee shop and buy a Latte, to tide me over till I got a chance to drive to chucks and buy another bag. I tell my friends about this all the time! I look forward to this everyday and am so happy I found my zen! I look forward to purchasing your coffee in the future! keep up the good work!”
—S. Townsend, Woodland, Washington

“My wife and I were on a trip to Alaska, something we had dreamed of for many years. During a stop in Tellakneka I walked into a small coffee shop and saw a sign for dead mans brew. The lady gave me a small cup to taste. I was so impressed and hooked, I asked how I could have it shipped to me since I lived almost 4,000 miles away, easy she replied and gave me an e-mail address. It has become my favorite coffee ever since.”
—J. Caldwel, Matthews, North Carolina

“It was a cold winter January morning in the far reaches of Al Qaim. The year was 2005. Al Qaim is located in the Al-Anbar providence in Iraq on the Syrian border. One more month in country before being rotated back home to the US. I was serving in the US Marines, attached to MASS-3. A care package had arrived from someone back home. Not a family member of anyone who was still at the base. So we dug in. Amongst the normal goodies one usually finds inside these type of packages was a gift of unequal value. An unopened package of Raven's Brew. I think it was Deadman's Reach. Well after a year of chow hall and MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) Folgers instant. This stuff seemed to be sent from heaven. I think it took about 3 hours to polish off the 1lb. bag. A new love had been found. As I write this, I sip my coffee from my Raven's Brew coffee cup and remember the one good thing that came from going off to war. Finding Raven's Brew, 8000 miles from home in enemy territory. Thank you Raven's Brew for making the bad a little better.”
—S. Jones, Russell, Massachusetts

“stumbled upon you after searching for art work by your main artist----he rocks---found he does work for Raven's Brew Coffee-- thought I ought to try some-- the names and art work already had me hooked and love the bird--Raven---mystical, magical creatures of lore---well, the coffee arrived-- I like the raven quoth 'nevermore' will I drink anything but Raven's brew---may there be a Raven in every cup”
—M. Beardslee, Campbell, New York

“I was cruising in Alaska and stumbled across one of your coffee vendors. I order a cup of your House Blend and thought I'd died and gone to heaven!! i have been ordering it ever since.. my house keeper had a cup of coffee from our house (wicked wolf my favorite) and had never tasted anything like it... Her exact words this is the best coffee i ever tasted" its better than any coffee house here... she now buys from ravens brew... Thank you for making such amazing blends!!!”
—C. Cutler, South Jordan, Utah

“I received a bag of 'Deadman's Reach' for Christmas this last year. My fiance's parents thought I would like it as I love vampires, werewolves, skulls - anything dark really. I was intrigued. When I made the coffee the following day before my very early starting job, I was surprised at how smooth and deliciously aromatic it was. It did a great job of waking me up. For the duration of that bag I eagerly woke up each morning because I knew that for those 20 minutes before going in to work, I would be drinking the best cup of coffee I ever had... I'm salivating now just thinking about it. Needless to say I will definitely be purchasing more 'Deadman's Reach', as well as sampling each bag produced.”
—L. Medina, Charlotte, North Carolina

“We were on our honeymoon on an Alaskan cruise 15 years ago and we had picked up a couple of sampler sets when we stopped in Ketchikan. We've been ordering coffee ever since. The first time I had called to order coffee, I remember having to wait to see if I was on the Rolodex to see if my information has changed, how technology has changed. Mocha bars are great and we still have some of the insulated mugs we purchased as well.”
—R. Baker, Carrollton, Texas

“My friend Monika sent me a selection of your coffees in a care package while I was in Afghanistan during this past year. The Deadman's Reach was just what the doctor ordered during long nights of guard duty. Especially since we got some weather that was more in keeping with Anchorage than Afghanistan. The coffee not only tastes good, but smells good. Your coffee blows S******* out of the water, and I asked my friend if she would mind sending some more. She sent me about 7 more pounds of the Deadman's Reach, which I shared with my fellow soldiers before leaving Afghanistan in August. Lovely stuff, I must say.”
—K. Newland, Bellaire, Michigan

“My good friend Kimberly introduced me to Raven's Brew following a cruise and vacation to Alaska. After tasting my first cup of a brew from The Goat - we 'perked' on up & now brew a pot daily. With our re-stocking order just before Thanksgiving we were able to enjoy Bruin Blend, Deadman's Reach & Resurrection Blend and just before the holidays we received a fresh supply of Christmas Claws. Yet nothing compares to my longing for a tall cup of Three Peckered Billy Goat. T/Max”
—T. E., Hickory Flat, Georgia

“My dad's 59th birthday is coming up soon and I was brain storming possible gift ideas for him. I thought to myself, "My dad loves coffee, so why don't I treat him to specialty coffee?". I work at Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, Washington, where there is a Made in Washington gift shop that sells Raven's Brew Coffee. I bought some of the Deadman's Brew for my dad. Additionally, I saw that Raven's Brew is a sustainable company and I will be using this company as an example of environmental awareness in my Sociology of the Environment class at my local community college. Good luck Raven's Brew, long live and keep up the good work!”
—B. Wilson, Edmonds, Washinton

“I was visiting a friend in North Carolina. While making coffee I asked her what her favorite coffee was, without hesitation she said "a brand that's out of Alaska. We don't have kids so we are coffee snobs, it's called Raven's Brew. With so many coffees if you add 2 too many beans to a grind it's bitter, not so with their coffee." When I got home from that trip I looked you guys up... we had just bought some Seattle's Best and, to be honest, it's impossible to find good coffee in the coffee capital of the U.S. I finally ordered some from you, Three Peckered Billy Goat (I have goats so that was a given), A-MA-ZING coffee! I just started on Dharma Beans and I have Raven's Brew House Blend in the wings. I think I'm going to order some Deadman's Reach and more of the Billy Goat. My coffee geek is VERY happy with your products, thank you!”
—P. Rutz, Arlington, Washington

“We were on an Alaskan cruise, just finished an excursion and it was raining and we were chilled. On the way back to the ship there was a little kiosk on the dock selling coffee. We got some to warm up and it was Ravens Brew Three Peckered Billy Goat. It was the best coffee we had ever had and Im not a coffee drinker but my husband it. Now every year for his birthday I have to order some for him! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!”
—L. Yount, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Quite a few years ago my parents went on an Alaskan cruise. When on dry land, they shopped for souveniers. Not finding the exactly "right thing" for me in any of the gift shops, they happened into a cafe for a break. That was when my father found Raven's Brew. He knew right then and there it was to be the perfect gift for his coffee guzzling, Poe loving daughter. He was right! About a year later, I happened upon your beans in Greenstar Coop in Ithaca NY. I was once again entranced by the supreme bean. Now I am happy to order regularly from your site to keep me in caffeine bliss :)”
—N. Drogi, Alden, New York

“After moving as far away from the city of Detroit as I could (and still be able to commute to my job) I landed in Marysville...a hop skip and a jump from Port Huron. Wondering around exploring Port Huron my wife and I wound up in a RAVENSBREW COFFEE house. We ordered a ....GREAT... cup of Deadmans reach...then purchased a small bag. We've been hooked ever after. We now purchase a 5lb. bag every 3 weeks. I wouldn't even think of ever drinking anything else!!! THANX!!!”
—G. Genoff, Saint Clair, Michigan

“When I retired 4 years ago, my daughter and I took an 18-day cruise/land tour to the wonderful State of Alaska. Our first port was Ketchikan. As we were walking along the pier, we spied a coffee kias, and the aroma was marvelous. We just had to stop and have a cup of coffee, this somewhat early a.m. We both were intrigued with the name "Deadman's Reach". One sip and we both were addicted. From then on, in every port we looked for Raven's Brew coffee. It has become a Christmas tradition since that Mom purchases "Deadman's Reach" and other flavors for the entire family. What a wonderful find.”
—F. Wade, Hanover, Virginia

“We first found your coffee at a small resturant in Ouray Co. We couldn't believe that we had found a beautiful little town, good food and GOOD COFFEE. We brought what we could from there and have ordered from you. Our son-in-law (who lives in Park City UT) only request is for your coffee for his birthday. We have moved to Iowa City and were so happy to find that our Co-op carries Raven Brew! The cost of coffee has really increased, but your coffee is the one thing that I will not compromise on. Thanks so much for my motivation each morning!”
—D. Markus, Iowa City, Iowa

“On a cruise vacation and we stopped early early one morning in Ketchikan. Before my trip in to see the rainforest I wanted to do some local shopping. I asked some people on the street where I could find some good local coffee. They Sent me to a place and I immediately noticed the packaging:-) I knew I had to try Some so I did and bought some to take back. Been hooked ever since and I ordered extra to share every now and then with friends at work..Love RB.”
—S. Carlson, Keller, Texas

“I have to admit, it was the art on the label that caught my eye, had to be organic, and then to read the name. Please who could not want a cup of Three Peckered Billy Goat! Made through a french press, my life is a beautiful place to be...”
—M. Depner, Sacramento, California

“My husband is the one that got me started on Raven's Brew. I am a giant coffee head, coffee snob, whatever you want to call it. Always on the hunt for some new coffee to try! He is in the Coast Guard and is on an icebreaker, while on the mission to assist the Russian Tanker bringing fuel to Nome, he stumbled on Raven's Brew and naturally told me about it. He's the one that has made me the coffee snob, before I met him, GASP I was drinking GASP Folgers!! I finally found some in a little store down at Pike Place. I thought the name "Three Peckered Billy Goat" was quite amusing so I bought a bag of that as well. Thus far, it is my absolute FAVORITE, not to mention that I giggle everytime I read the label!!”
—K. Stewart, Seattle, Washington

“My husband and I were on our very first cruise, which was to Alaska. We stepped off the ship in Ketchikan and were desperate for some good coffee, ship coffee being the swill that it was. Low and behold there are a coffee cart right there on the dock. We both order lattees and they were the best we had ever had! So we plied the barista for the coffee brand and was told it was Raven's Brew Deadman's Reach. We immediately wrote it down with the hope of being able to aquire some in the future. Upon returning home and Googling it, we discovered that they not only sold it online but had roastery ever since. Once we bought an expresso machine for home we've never gone back. S[xxxxxx]s can kiss out XXX. Oh and Raven's Brew compares very well to some of the best coffee/espresso we've had in Italy. You guys rock!”
—J. Frank, Seattle, Washington

“WOW!!! what other words could describe your coffee. As a Maine's wife and having at any number of time at least 2 or 3 of my men in harms way... I always make sure they have a stock pile of your coffee on hand.” Thanks
—N. Nash, Virginia Beach, Virginia

“I love to go boatnerding in Port Huron, Michigan, where Lake Huron empties into the St. Clair River, & Great Lakes freighters fly by on the wings of its current. One day many years ago after a long day of boatnerding, I stopped at the Raven Cafe in downtown Port Huron. I had a delightful mocha & a wonderful deli sandwich. I also fell in love with the decor & the people. The next time I stopped by, I enjoyed another sandwich & tried the Three-Peckered Billy Goat (probably the best coffee I've ever had -- I give it to friends as gifts on special occasions). I fell even more in love. Sometime later, I tried your decaf coffee. It was absolutely the best decaf I've ever had. Since then, I order only your Skookum Blend decaf when I drink decaf. Thanks for making my coffee life so rich!”
—A. Williams, Lake Orion, Michigan

“First off, I want to thank you guys for making the best coffee i have ever had! I am in the Navy and have traveled around the world sampling coffee from every country I visit, and nothing beats Raven's Brew! I am from Ketchikan and joined the service a few years ago, but i always rely on Deadman's Reach to get me through the long night watches and throughout the rest of the day. My father used to drink it every morning and it was always a good day to wake up and smell Raven's Brew around the house. I give some to all of my navy buddies to "enlighten" their tastebuds to the greatness of your coffee! My entire ship loves your coffee and always get excited when i get more in. Raven's Brew is instrumental in keeping the seas and the country safe by keeping the watches alert and always ready. Again, thank you so much for the amazing coffee!”
—T. Hasty, San Diego, California

“When I opened the first box of Raven's Brew at the small business where I work, I laughed out loud. The graphics on the coffee bags! What fun! I just knew that the skeleton on Deadman's Reach was modeled after my husband, so I bought him a bag. Little did I expect it to be the best coffee that he's ever brewed at home! We NEVER agree on coffee, up to now... that's one less argument in our marriage now!”
—N. Harpstreit, Port Orange, Florida

“I first noticed the Raven's Brew logo and tag line "The last legal high" at the Anchorage public library soon after moving up to Alaska from the Lower 48. Intrigued by the art work and the sense of humor, I tried a cup—Yum. Later, while browsing in the stores in downtown Anchorage (Kobuk Coffee and Cabin Fever) I discovered more bags of coffee with really cool artwork and witty writings. I opted to try Deadman's Reach because I liked its artwork and tag line—"Served in bed, raises the dead"—the best. I was hooked. This was some of the best coffee I'd ever had. I soon shared my love for the stuff with my office mates. Now they have no problem deciding what to get me for my birthday and Christmas. This past Christmas I received a bag of Wicked Wolf. I hate to be disloyal to Deadman's Reach but I think I like Wicked Wolf even better. And its tag line, "Grannie's gone but the coffee's on," is as delightfully dark as it's brew. Raven's Brew—coffee that's as much fun to read as it is to drink.”
—A. Gordon, Anchorage, Alaska

“While attending a Push Rods car show in Ocean Shores, Wa at the Quinault Beach Resort, I decided to shop the little stores on the beach. I found a small shop in Ocean Shores that supplied Raven's Brew Coffee. Since I am a coffee fan, I immediately fell in love with the various varities of coffee. I chose the "Wiked Wolf" as this theme is one we have picked for our 1939 Chevy we are building. The theme is "Little Red Riding Hood". How perfect was my find. I will display your coffee, mugs, poster, etc. in a picnic basket in the back seat of our car. I will surely order more of your great coffee not only to display but to drink! Thanks for being so creative and am excited to add to our car's theme.”
—L. Love, Olympia, Washington

“The cruise ship Jubilee had docked early in the morning.On Front Street in Ketchikan on one corner a flute was being played, across the street a drum was keeping company with it. The smell of coffee I followed to the source, which of course was Ravens brew.”
—T. Jandow, Glendale Heights, Illinois

“When I took a trip up to Alaska several years ago, I was searching for myself. I was re-examining my life, and was full of intention to start listening to my own inner yearnings and follow them. And where they led me was to ravens. While in Alaska, I was deeply drawn to raven carvings, raven art, and ravens in the sky. I learned that Raven is the bringer of spiritual initiation and is deeply reverenced in native culture. Initiation and Transformation, that was the promise that Raven held out to me. Then in Ketchikan, I wandered into SohoCoho. I saw all the Ray Troll art, and a T-shirt with a GORGEOUS Raven on it with wings outstretched! I saw my own inner spirit, or at least, where my spirit wanted to be when it grew up! Strangely though, I did not SEE the coffee (which I'm sure was right in front of me)! It was not till I returned to Oregon (with my T-shirt) and many months had passed, that I saw Raven's Brew in a natural food store. My mind snapped... "THAT'S MY RAVEN!! Raven's Brew COFFEE?!?" I decided immediately that Raven's Brew would be my new coffee of choice, just on principle! Then I had my first cup (Organic Ebony Pearl). It was the most delicious brew I'd ever tasted... and I have been a fanatic ever since. Spirit works in mysterious ways... it was actually the Raven's Brew mascot (and artwork) that first hooked me, but the taste of Raven's Brew coffee is what keeps me hooked! :)”
—K. LaFever, Salem, Oregon

“I first saw Raven's Brew when I started working at Wholefoods Market in downtown Seattle, WA. I saw Deadman's Reach and thought the writing was so clever and funny, and the art work was amazing! My partner and I both work at the same Wholefoods and we had just purchased a French press and were dying to try Raven's Brew! We've tried every single bean, and will always stay dedicated to our dearest Raven's Brew. From now on we can't help to persuade costumers @ Wholefoods to switch and try Raven's Brew, it's our favorite product to advertise by far! My partner, J. just got a promotion to the Specialty team and is going to be working with Raven's brew coffee first hand and other coffee products as well! We're super excited and going to try to get as many new Raven's Brew products as we can so every Wholefood's market costumers can experience the joy and satisfaction of Raven's Brew.”
—K. Moon, Seattle, Washington

“I went to Alaska for a fishing trip and didn't have time to pick up anything for my wife. While I was in the Anchorage airport, I stopped at one of the stores and grabbed a bag of Wicked Wolf coffee for her. When I got home, I gave it to her and she made a pot. We instantly fell in love! We ended up driving four hours to a place that sold Raven's Brew coffee to get some more and picked up some Three Peckered Billy Goat and Deadman's Reach. We are now loyal customers and will drink no other coffee. Thanks Raven's Brew, we are now coffee snobs!”
—N. Grabeel, Prescott Valley, Arizona

“I belong to a food cooperative (GreenStar Co-op) in Ithaca, NY. While browsing the shelves for something new and different in coffee, I chanced upon Ravens Brew Three Peckered Billy Goat. I couldn't stop laughing over the description on the bag, and I've been hooked ever since on the taste & your designs. I live in Baltimore, but whenever I go home to Ithaca I stop and pick up more coffee. The shelves are empty frequently, and I go home missing your taste. I'm so glad to have found the website and can order whatever I want, whenever I want it. My neighbors are now die hard Ravens Brew fans after I've given them coffee for watching my cats. No money...just RAVENS BREW COFFEE thank you very much!!”
—D. McCoy, Baltimore, Maryland

“Our sport touring motorcycle group makes an annual pilgrimage to the Big Bend area every year. While staying in Alpine, TX I visited a local coffeshop who had Raven's Brew in 1 lb bags for sale. I bought a bag of Wicked Wolf and brewed some back at home. The Wife and I loved it so we decided to try some other varieties. One whiff of Deadman's Reach beans was enough to cause me to quickly brew for our tasting and the bar was set!”
—C. Green, Mesquite, Texas

“In 1992 I was a cadet on board the Sierra Madre, bringing gas to the sleepy town of Ketchikan one January. I was able to get off the ship, but all the shops were closed. While walking around and enjoying the fact that it wasn't raining or snowing I came upon one of Ray Trolls shirts, 'Ain't no nookie like Chinookie', and a 'Last Legal High' shirt next to it. I was in love! I had to find a place that would be open to sell me those shirts! I asked around, and found a small cafe which sold the coffee and shirts near the grocery store. I was hooked. Since then (we didn't have internet back then) every time I was in Ak I would seek out a place to buy Raven's Brew. When I was stationed in Iraq, I found a lady who was doing a coffee of the month club and sending two bags a month and a small treasure from Ketchikan along with the order. Every month I looked forward to my box. When I was working on a small cruise ship (Empress of the North) we would pull into Ketchikan and I would fill a flat rate box up as full as I could and ship it home every week. At one point I had almost 20 pounds in my pantry! Fortunately, the coop in Bandon now carries it and I can stop by on my way through whenever I'm home now. (BTW, I still have those shirts too!)”
—K. Staples, Coos Bay, Oregon

“On a cruise vacation and we stopped early early one morning in Ketchikan. Before my trip in to see the rainforest I wanted to do some local shopping. I asked some people on the street where I could find some good local coffee. They Sent me to a place and I immediately noticed the packaging:-) I knew I had to try Some so I did and bought some to take back. Been hooked ever since and I ordered extra to share every now and then with friends at work..Love RB.”
—S. Carlson, Keller, Texas

“Our oldest son Billy, (i.e.- SR Airman Billy Wheeler (12/26/1981- 04/13/2005) was stationed at the Elemendorf AFB. We were able to visit him in October 2004, he made breakfast one morning and poured me a cup of coffee. He laughed and said, 'Pops, I bet this will be the strongest cup of coffee that you ever tasted'. I didn't believe him until I took a sip, when he told me the name of the coffee, 'Three Peckers Billy Goat', we had a good laugh. He ordered me a bag for my birthday, (i.e.- May), and I received it one month after. I have fond memories of the morning he made me a cup of your coffee. I will always remeber him laughing as he told me the name of the coffee. Thanks for the memories!”
—K. Wheeler, Pensacola, Florida

“I found Deadman's Reach at Powell's Bookstore in the Portland Airport. Good branding (and my obsession with coffee) led me to buy a bag. No kidding = Best cover I've ever had. What a shame that I live all the way in Colorado! So far from the Promised Land of Raven's Brew Coffee!”
—C. O'Malley, Boulder, Colorado

“Went on a cruise to Alaska five years ago. Stopped in Katchikan, AK. Walked around town until I found a Latte. Good! Asked about the Espresso: it was 3-peckered-goat. I use this with my baby Gagi daily (on my second machine in fact). Yum!”
—G. Collier, Durant, Oklahoma

“I thought at first my story may be a bit strange, but once I considered the names of the two coffees I just ordered,'Wicked Wolf' and 'Dead Man's Reach', not so strange. I was doing a drywall repair in a retired gentleman's home when he offered me a cup of coffee. Being the polite man I am, I accepted. Oh my. This coffee reminded me of the same wonderful stuff I used to get from Uruguay, South America whenever I would go there to visit. (The best coffee in the world). In my attempt to gain all the info behind this delicious coffee, the man informed me he had just emptied the bag and tossed it in the trash. I pleaded with him to go after it which he did. There was even some beans left in the bag, so I took it home. He told me he had bought it (Wicked Wolf) in Sedona, AZ, but I knew if I search the bag, I would find a web address. I mostly use my 4-cup coffee maker and there were enough beans left in that bag to make a pot, which I am enjoying right now. I can't wait to try the Dead Man's Reach. Thank you. I may not have to travel to Uruguay to buy coffee now.”
—W. Daniel, Wickenburg, Arizona

“Years ago I was sitting in my store complaining to one of my customers that I couldn't stand the taste of Decaf, but couldn't drink regular coffee because it had started to keep me awake at night. My customer Raquel told me she drank an incredible Decaf coffee that tasted as good as regular coffee, called Raven's Brew. I found it online, and it has been one mad love affair with the stuff ever since. My husband and I have tasted everything Raven's Brew makes, both the Decaf and regular coffees, and we have settled on switching off between Deadman's Reach, Skookum, Skookum Decaf and Raven's Brew House Blend Decaf. We usually mix the Decaf with the non-decaf stuff, about 50-50, so that there's still a little bit of a kick to it. But for people who can't fall asleep at night, I recommend trying the Skookum or House Blend Decaf. It doesn't taste like Decaf, it just tastes like one great cup of coffee!”
—A. Belobrow, Boston, Massachusetts

“My friend in San Francisco told me she had found this great coffee called Raven's Brew and that the coffees had 'funny names'. Since I had lived in Kodiak and had taught at the university in Juneau, I support everything Alaskan (except Sarah Palin). I ordered my first try of Raven's Brew and it was the very best coffee I had ever had. My daughter is also a coffee nut so I ordered several for her for Christmas. If one loves the taste of coffee, I can only recommend Raven's Brew. It is the Very Best!”
—S. Pell, Georgetown, Texas

“My husband and I fell in love with your coffee while we were working for a store in King Cove Alaska, we order it every chance we get to have it here in the lower 48's. The best brews around hands down is Raven's Brew. After having this delicious coffee none other taste as good as they use to. Saving up to buy more....”
—R. Willing, Fairfax, Minnesota

“Just last week, I was on my very first cruise and we stopped in Ketchikan, Alaska. I was actually looking for a t-shirt with Ray Troll's artwork after seeing it on another tourist. When I finally found the store, I thought it was cool to see the artist's work on coffee labels too. And when I saw that the coffee was roasted in Alaska, I wanted to try it and bought the Bruin's Blend for myself. I just tried the coffee this morning and I love the flavor! After checking the website, I hope to find more blends at my local Whole Foods!”
—K. N., Mountain View, California

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