Dharma Beans Certified Organic Coffees
Dharma Beans label art from Raven's Brew Coffee
Organic Is A Higher State of Bean

There are no Dharma Beans
Nor Coffee Maker bright.
Since all is void
Where does taste alight?

Experience the Dharma when you put your lips to this divine libation.

OPEN your senses to THE CUP THAT CONNECTS you to coffee fields cultivated in sustainable, chemical-free fashion by small farmers in harmony with the local environment.

ENTER the circuitry of interconnection and awareness that is the matrix of intact ecosystems.

ENJOY their gifts and know that all following generations may enjoy them too. Your choice of cup is consequential; it is a link in a chain of cause and effect. In this impure age, it is a blessed act of defiance, defense, and compassion for all creation.

mudra of a hand holding a coffee bean surrounded by flames

Elegant. Silky body with notes of caramel and pecans. Light, clean acidity carries this cup of sweet mystique and delight. Available in Certified Organic form only. Medium Roast.

Our roasteries are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture.

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Art by Ray Troll
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