Bruin Blend Coffee Grizzly Bear on a rock
Grin and Bear It™ formerly Kodiak Koffee
At dawn the griz is riz, and she means biz. Ursus Arabica tromps out of the rain forest behind the Raven’s Brew Coffee roastery at sunrise and knocks down the door for this coffee. Growls Ursus, in her husky, irresistible (do not attempt to resist) voice, “Bruin Blend®: It roars with flavor but it don’t bite.”

Decadently luxurious. Heavenly syrupy body in a laid-back orchestration of pleasant earthy, herbal and warm-spice flavor notes creates a pool of deep ponderance for your palate. This Full City Roast is also available in a Certified Organic version.
Bear and Coffee pot

  Bruin Blend: grizzly bear with coffee mug, logo art by Alaskan Artist Ray Troll

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Art by Ray Troll
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