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Coffees that are packaged under this label include Breakfast Blend, Misty Fjords™, Ebony Pearls™ (French Roast), Organic Ebony Pearls, Raven's Brew® House Blend and Organic Raven's Brew House Blend (also available in decaf).

Coffee Rhapsody

Enough café elixir
The soul may blaze a trail
To the well of shining ebony
Of inspiring iridescence.

With aid of onyx liquor
Supplication may avail
To bless your mortal litany,
To make a palate luminescent.

Enough of God’s Black Ichor
The heart may hoist a sail,
Synapse become epiphany,
Consciousness transcendent.

Raven’s Maven

Raven balanced on a and Coffee Bean
  Raven flying out of a coffee cup against the night sky accompanied by a grizzly bear and raven


Mind of morning
In a cup of night.

This bird in the hand—
For delight.

Raven's Maven

Art by Ray Troll
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