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The Raven’s Brew Art of Coffee

Raven’s Brew Coffee’s primary mission is to serve and support coffee retailers. Besides our unsurpassable products and packaging, we have resources to offer in Consultation and Support in the opening of your new business or in the evolution of an existing one.

The World's Best Coffee in The Most Irresistible Packaging
Raven flying up out of a cup of coffee with a red background Skeleton in Bed reaching out with a cup of coffee, packaging for our high-speed blend Deadman's Reach A goat on the label with a troll with an erotic 3 Billy Goats Gruff theme for the  packaging Wicked Wolf bag design with a Little Red Riding Hood theme An angel flying with a pot and cup of coffee A grizzly bear with a cup of coffee, packaging for our Sumatran based Bruin Blend A multi-armed goddess with a pot and cups of coffee Raven flying up out of a cup of coffee, starburst packaging for Our Rapturous and Incomparable House Blend Northwest Coast Indian in a dugout canoe offering a pot of coffee

  • Support & Consultation
  • Assistance in determining order amounts
  • Matching products to your business
  • Promotional materials & support products
  • Brewing support
The Art of Roasting Coffee
From its origins, coffee growing has spread around the globe, settling into areas with the right combinations of weather, altitude, and soil quality. Dozens of varieties have been cultivated and a number of processing methods developed. These variables give rise to the wonderful diversity of taste profiles we as roasters must rediscover every crop season. Therein lies the challenge and art of blending coffees.

To begin to understand the complexity of blending, we must understand the larger picture of roasting and what makes Raven's Brew stand out amongst the multitude of roasters in the world. More»

Two Locations to Serve You
We operate two roasteries—one in Alaska and another near Seattle. More...

We can help you choose appropriate equipment and, through our relationships with distributors and manufacturers, see that you enjoy significant discounts in purchases. We are aligned with distributors of the following industry leading equipment products:
  • La Marzocco espresso machines and grinders
  • Rio espresso machines and grinders
  • Mirage espresso machines
  • Fetco brewing equipment
  • Bunn brewing equipment
Call our Sales Team for suggestions on equipment and answers to your questions.
Awesome Branded Merchandise
Besides coffee quality, one of our great strengths is in our branding. All of our label art is available on many sales-support products including apparel, mugs, posters, postcards, etc. at wholesale prices. These add to sales and reinforce your clientele to the point of cultishness.

Promotional Materials
Along with our strong branding we also offer a number of promotional materials which will assist you in marketing your coffee business. Along with the packaging itself, we also offer a number of promotional materials in all shapes and sizes—everything from digital copy for your printer or website to material for your walls, windows, even your staff’s and your customer’s bodies!

Point of Sale materials for your buisness: Coffee bins, coffee clutches, window decals, branded cups, aprons, banners, and shelf feeders
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